Cashdata 2021 Business Classic & ACR

Cashdata 2021 Business Classic & ACR

Cashdata 2021 Business - Classic & Accounts Custom Report Writer

Includes one user licence, plus AccountsLink (for Internet banking) and Accounts Custom Report Writer - Write your own management reports, e.g. reports by division, financial statements. 

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AUD$398.00 tax incl.

Our innovative technology saves 60 to 70 percent of the time to complete compliance work compared to conventional systems.

Cashdata provides savings in time through an entire solution. Cashdata handles all phases of your cash data and other transactions from your banker, through your business, to your accountant, and onto your accountant's tax system for lodgment with the ATO - or directly to the ATO through the ECI (Electronic Commerce Interface). The benefits of Cashdata ‘Business’ make real business sense...

Save 50%-100% of time keying data entry

Cashdata's AccountsLink intelligent innovation allows you to download your bank statement transactions over the internet and import them into cashdata.

Save 50%-70% of time coding data entry (even higher for superannuation funds 70%-85%)

The intelligent innovation of Cashdata's AccountLink allows the creation of whole cashbooks from Bank Statement or mixed source data - dissects and codes thousands of transactions in just seconds with the right account code and the right GST code.

Save 100% of your time manually ticking bank reconciliations/em>

Cashdata's automated bank reconciliation technology matches Bank statement files with cashbook entries at the press of a button. Cashdata completely dispenses with timewasting error prone manual checking. Cashdata reconciles 3000 transactions in under 2 seconds!

Save 100% of your accountant's time charge re-keying or converting your data

Cashdata Business is precisely compatible to your accountant's in-house professional practice systems.Perfect compatibility means there is no code mapping, re-keying or conversion of data necessary as occurs with conventional systems. Transferring the data to your Accountant has never been this easy! The simpler and easier it is for your accountant to process your accounting transactions the more dollars you save in professional accounting fees. Cashdata is written by professional accountants who know exactly what your accountant needs and how to achieve professional compliant results in minimum time. Cashdata Business uses the right account codes, the right tax codes, and is the most time efficient solution for working with your accountant.

Save 50% on communications with your accountant

Cashdata Business means the end to not having up to date financial information, receiving "meaningless" journal adjustments from your accountant and frustrating "year end" roll over issues.Professional accountant adjustments are made to the source transactions preserving the understandibility of your data. At the press of a button your accountant can easily and quickly email an update of your Cashdata Business system files to update your data so there are zero degrees of separation between financial information on your accountants professional system and your Cashdata Business systems.The "Year end" problem is never a problem for Cashdata - your accountant can be working in one year or period while you are working in another.


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